Anti-aging and antioxidant power. Natural health drink formula and the combined results of scientific research using the best 7 technology  from 5 countries, focusing on the causes of aging.

Gives you nourishment that really proved effective. As recovery agents and reverse the aging process up to 10-20 years younger.

Formulated to complete routine internal and external care. Help activate stem cells, overcoming the effects of aging on an ongoing basis to create a miracle anti-aging best to stay young, beautiful and healthy.


Scientific studies Soulmax3 Content:

1. PhytoCellTec ™ Malus Domestica – Mibelle Biochemistry (Switzerland)

2. Peptan Marine Collagen – Rousselot (France)

3. Hydroxityrosol – Monteloeder (Spain)

4. L-Glutathione – Kohjin (Japan)

5. Amino Acid L-Ornithine – Kyowa (Japan)

6. NutroxSun® – Monteloeder (Spain)

7. Maqui berries (United States)

PhytoCellTec ™ Malus Domestica Mibelle Biochemistry (Switzerland)

Technological revolution to protect skin cells. PhytoCellTec ™ Malus Domestica is a Swiss stem cell based liposomal preparation.
PhytocellTec Malus Domesticaor Apple Stem Cell is a new anti-aging revolution. It helps the skin look younger by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

PhytocellTec Malus Domestica helps to smoothen skin tone, prevents skin aging and helps maintain youth by activating skin cells. This will make your skin healthy and radiant!

Benefits of PhytoCellTec ™ Malus Domestica
· Fighting chronology of aging
· Pass aging skin cells
· Repair damaged DNA
· Increases the life span of skin stem cells
· Protection against oxidation
· Maintain a youthful appearance and freshness of the skin
· Deep in-depth facial and body care

Peptan ™ Marine Collagen (Rousselot, France)

Peptan ™ from northern sea salmon provides the necessary amino acids for skin cells to function properly.
1. Stimulates collagen production from dermal skin surface.
2. Protects the skin from free radicals, limiting the effects of aging.
3. As a nutrition for skin health.
4. The study found that skin elasticity / Skin tenderness increased by 19%
after taking Peptan ™.

Reaction Period:
1-3 days: dry skin becomes smooth and moisturizes 3-7 days: reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reduces pore size, skin becomes fluffy and smooth 7-14 days: black spots become faded, more radiant skin, whole skin look fluffy
Joint and Bone Health
Peptan ™ Marine Collagen has been shown to prevent and treat osteoarthritis and osteopenia bone health problems (bone rot). Over 90% of consumed Peptan ™ is absorbed and appears in cartilage 12 hours after eating. Peptan ™ reduces joint pain can help reduce the risk of joint damage.

Hydroxityrosol Monteloeder (Spain)

Hydroxytyrosol is a phenol in fruit and olive leaves which is the most important phenol responsible for the highest oxidation resistance.
Hydroxytyrosol has two main uses:
1. As a cosmeceutical anti-pigment cosmetics that prevent the uncontrolled
accumulation of melanin (skin black spots).
2. As a food and / or nutritional supplement due to its ability to protect blood
fat from oxidative damage, thereby preventing the formation of oxidized
LDL (arteriosclerosis).

Among the uses of olive liquor hydroxytyrosol :
· Anti-cancer
· Anti-microbial
· Anti inflammatory
· Anti oxidants
· Anti bacteria
· Anti fungal
· Anti virus
· Prevent UV effects

L-Glutathione (Kohjin, Japan)

Glutathione is produced naturally in the liver. It consists of three amino acids, essential for cellular metabolism. It protects against stress caused by free radicals, which are needed for the immune system to function properly, and potent detoxifier.
L-Glutathione (GSH) issued by KOHJIN Co., Ltd. produced by Torula yeast fermentation. The action mechanism of L-Glutathione in the body is as follows:

L-glutathione that is taken as supplements helps to brighten the skin by promoting the production of bright skin pigments ( pheomelanin ) and inhibits skin shading due to the growth of dark skin pigment ( eumelanin ).

Amino Acid L-Ornithine (Kyowa, Japan)

The Benefits of L-Ornithine Amino Acids
1. Stimulates the production of human growth hormone from the pituitary gland.
2. Reactivate thymus, liver, and liver tissue.
3. Increase muscle growth and enhance the function of the body’s immune
4. Produce new tissue cells.
5. Improve the immune system of bacteria, viruses and tumor cells.
6. Body detoxification of ammonia deposits.

Monteloeder NutroxSun® (Spain)

Nutroxsun® is a combination of flavonoids and polyphenols from citrus and rosemary fruit extracts. Nutroxsun® works to protect the skin from oxidation due to exposure to UVA and UVB rays. Nutroxsun® is the latest innovation for sun protection products ( sunscreen ), where users only need to take Nutroxsun® in the form of drinks per day.
Nutroxsun® protects the entire body’s skin from sunlight without having to use sunscreen cream .
Nutroxsun® has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects, to prevent tissue tissue damage after sun radiation.
Nutroxsun® provides comprehensive and uniform protection, protecting the entire surface of the skin from within.
Nutroxsun® is safe, non-toxic and has been clinically proven.

Maqui beri (United States)

Raw organic Maqui Berry Powder from Patagonia in Chile.
Higher ORAC values than blueberry and acai berry make Maqui berry the world’s best berries. The ORAC value is the benchmark of the ability of a substance as an anti-oxidant. Foods with high ORAC value have the potential to prevent oxidation of body cells as well as cancer cell growth.
Some facts about Maqui
· High ORAC value of 27,600
· Planted in Chile
· As an anti-oxidant fruit
· Effective for treating diabetic type 1 & 2
· Improve digestion and cardiovascular health
· Anti-aging
· Strengthen body resistance
· It kills cancer cells
· Strengthens vision
· Increased energy levels
· Detox
· Effective weight loss

Soulmax 3


Soulmax 3

1. PHYTOCELLTEC™海棠斯蒂卡- Mibelle生物化学(瑞士)
2。PEPTAN海洋Kolagen -罗赛洛(Perancis)
3。Hydroxityrosol – Monteloeder(Sepanyol)
4。L-谷胱甘肽- Kohjin(日本)
6。NutroxSun® – Monteloeder(Sepanyol)

®了Peptan SR海洋是北海鲑供给的活性肽必需皮肤细胞中的氨基酸才能正常工作。

PHYTOCELLTEC Domesticaor海棠苹果干细胞是一个革命性的新延缓衰老。它有助于皮肤的外观和感觉,如果他年轻的时候,减少细纹和皱纹。PHYTOCELLTEC海棠斯蒂卡帮助矫正肤色,突出皮肤与苹果干细胞的出现。