What is hormone ?

The Importance of Hormones 荷尔蒙激素的重要性

Endocrine System

Hormones are special chemical messengers in the body that are created in the endocrine glands. These messengers control most major bodily functions, from simple basic needs like hunger to complex systems like reproduction, and even emotions and mood. Having a clear understanding of the major hormones and what they do will help patients take control of their health.
荷尔蒙激素是在内分泌腺体内产生的特殊化学信使。 这些信使控制着最重要的身体功能,从简单的基本需求,如饥饿到复杂的系统,如繁殖,甚至情绪和情绪。 了解主要的荷尔蒙激素及其作用将有助于患者控制其健康。

Pineal Gland Diagram

Hormones are created by glands, which are part of the endocrine system. The main hormone-producing glands are:荷尔蒙激素由腺体产生,这是内分泌系统的一部分。 主要的荷尔蒙激素产生腺体是:

⭕Hypothalamus: The hypothalamus is responsible for body temperature, hunger, moods and the release of hormones from other glands; and also controls thirst, sleep and sex drive.下丘脑:下丘脑负责体温,饥饿,心情和其他腺体激素的释放; 并控制口渴,睡眠和性行为。

⭕Parathyroid: This gland controls the amount of calcium in the body. 甲状旁腺:这个腺体控制体内钙的含量。

⭕Thymus: This gland plays a role in the function of the adaptive immune system and the maturity of the thymus, and produces T-cells. 胸腺:这种腺体在适应性免疫系统和胸腺成熟的功能中起作用,并产生T细胞。

⭕Pancreas: This gland produces the insulin that helps control blood sugar levels. 胰腺:这个腺产生有助于控制血糖水平的胰岛素。

⭕Thyroid: The thyroid produces hormones associated with calorie burning and heart rate. 甲状腺:甲状腺产生与卡路里燃烧和心率相关的激素。

⭕Adrenal: Adrenal glands produce the hormones that control sex drive and cortisol, the stress hormone. 肾上腺:肾上腺产生控制性驱动的激素和皮质醇,应激激素。

⭕Pituitary: Considered the “master control gland,” the pituitary gland controls other glands and makes the hormones that trigger growth. 垂体:可以称为“主控腺”,垂体控制其他腺体,并使激素触发生长。

⭕Pineal: Also called the thalamus, this gland produces serotonin derivatives of melatonin, which affects sleep. 松果体:也称为丘脑,该腺体产生影响睡眠的褪黑激素的5-羟色胺衍生物。

⭕Ovaries: Only in women, the ovaries secrete estrogen, testosterone and progesterone, the female sex hormones. 卵巢:只出现在女性中,卵巢分泌雌激素,睾酮和孕激素和女性性激素。

⭕Testes: Only in men, the testes produce the male sex hormone, testosterone, and produce sperm. These glands work together to create and manage the body’s major hormones. 睾丸:只出现在男性中,睾丸产生男性性激素,睾丸激素,并产生精子。这些腺体共同创造和管理身体的主要激素。