Firmax3 of Nanotechnology

Firmax3 Firming & Lifting Cream 30ml/1.0FL OZ. Firmax3 cream special formulation which is recognized as the best self-hormone remedy. The new star in biological medicine stronger and energized.

The special ingredients activate hormones to self-balance and stabilize and to produce constant supply of what the body needs, thereby achieving good health and holistic well being. The active ingredients is also known to have anti-inflammatory property.

Can be converted into phytohormone with progesterone activity, regulates metabolism, antioxidant and relaxes muscles.

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Product Overview
  • FIRMAX-3 functions as the most perfect skin lifting cream.
  • It’s an effective formulation for the beauty and health everyone.
  • FIRMAX-3 works as a perfect hormone stabilizer with the perfect formulation to restore natural hormone. he new effective and efficient invention in the bio-medical.
  • Its content is known to balance the production of necessary hormones for good health and a decent life.
  • For prevention of infection, phytohormones turning, balancing metabolism, antioxidant and relaxing muscles.


The new innovation of Nano technology in FIRMAX-3 works wonders. It absorbs and acts immediately in a few seconds. Work perfectly as anti-aging for a supple, brighter and radiant skin.

Efficacious of Firmax-3
  • Firming the skin all over the body
  • Glowing face and skin.
  • Forming beautiful thighs and buttocks Skin looks more radiant and brighter
  • Reduce the size of pores and fine lines
  • The body feels warmer and energetic
  • Eliminate pain Reduce headaches
  • Firmer breasts for women
  • Reduce eye-bag
  • More energetic
  • Smooth flow of menstrual blood.
  • Reduce menstrual cramps
Repairing effect of Firmax-3:
  • Users who have liver or blood problem will likely to have rashes or pimples due to blood purification effect within the beginning of 1-7 days usage. However, they will disappear after few days and no scars will be left.
  • Those with high cholesterol will find that their face and skin become more greasy due to the removal of excess fat under the skin.
  • This will happen after 1-3 days of usage. For women, the first menstruation after usage of this cream will be 2-3 days earlier with more blood produced compared to the usual ones. This is due to leaching of the uterus.
什么是 Firmax-3?
FIRMAX-3 通过纳米技术 改善身体 平衡新陈代谢,抗氧化和放松肌肉使用Firmax-3之后,你一定会觉得奇迹开始发生在自己的身体。是的,这就是奇迹!体身开始一点一点的从周围和不同的角度开始变化,皮肤开始改变它的坏结构,肌肤感受起来更水嫩,健康,美丽而有光泽。不可思议的结果,你将亲自承认Firmax- 3真的是“神奇之霜”。
  • FIRMAX-3 拥有稳定完美配方激素和恢复天然的激素。
  • FIRMAX-3 作为拥有最完美的皮肤紧肤霜,这配方对人体美容和健康都有着明显的效果。
  • FIRMAX-3 是以有效和高效率的生物医学技术Nanotechnology 生产的天然激素。
  • FIRMAX-3 面世是为了预防人体免受:感染 、激素老化 、新陈代谢老化 、无抗氧化和肌肉松弛。
  1. 紧致肌肤
  2. 提亮皮肤
  3. 美观大腿和臀部
  4. 肌肤更加容光焕发,明亮
  5. 缩小毛孔和细纹的大小
  6. 人体感觉温暖,精力充沛
  7. 消除疼痛
  8. 减轻头痛
  9. 女性乳房坚挺
  10. 减少眼袋
  11. 更有活力
  12. 经血流量正常
  13. 减少月经来潮
  14. 对于患有高胆固醇者,如使用后则通过皮肤中除去坏胆固醇,而皮肤将会油性和胆固醇也将透过粪便排出。
  15. 宽松的衣服
  16. 扎实和更坚挺的乳房
  17. 更绷紧水嫩的皮肤
  18. 皱纹消失
备注: 使用FIRMAX-3几个月后身体激素即被激活,如果连续使用会留下永久的效果。
  1. 有皮疹、丘疹、肝脏或血液问题的用者将会有血液内的净化效果。这将使用后的7天内即可把坏死的细胞消失,皮疹或丘疹即无疤痕.
  2. 有高胆固醇则会发现,病人们的脸和皮肤变得比较油腻,激素是为了去除多余的脂肪。这将使用后的3天内即可明显感受得到。
  3. 对于女性来说,Firmax-3面霜的使用后月经会与先前相比的平常。
  • 此产品得到了kelulusan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, Control of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulation 1984. Regulation 18A(2), Director of Pharmaceutical Services, Ministry of Health Malaysia, rujukan (NOT13110180K).
  • 旗下的产品还有 FIRMAX3, O2MAX, SOULMAX3, SLIMAX3 属于 syarikat RF3 World Sdn Bhd.