Slimax3 is produced using a technology that is Monte Carlo NANO Technology based gel containing water 19 herbs of choice, thus giving the impression to the user fast. Very suitable for use for women who are new maternity or who have obesity problems and may help reduce the problem of cellulite. Potent Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Agent for Skin Improve Circulation In Body Improve Moisturization and Improve Healing Slimming Active from Monte Carlo Slimax3.


-配合Firmax3 一起涂抹,效果更佳。 -涂抹前,称量体重和测量腹部、腰部、手臂、大腿及臀部、而在涂抹期间的首15日内的效果与区别。 -每日涂抹2次连续14天。每天早上和晚上洗澡后在睡前皮肤湿润的情况下涂抹,以让皮肤容易吸收及效果加速显著。 -重复涂抹在隐藏的脂肪处,橙皮厚层或皮肤松弛的部位。 -防止涂抹着胸口处与脸部。 -涂抹后务必把手清洗干净。 -涂抹SliMax3后,建议做轻微的热身。

Business Preview

Beginning step ! As a start with RF3 world, you have to determine how much income you want per month. Try to achieve it according to your goals. Learn from leaders who have managed to build excellent earnings in the RF3 world


Financial problems or financial pressure is a situation where money worries are causing you stress. Many people are facing hard financial times and the impact on mental health can be significant. These problems can seem impossible to overcome, but you can get help and take steps to improve your situation.

Everyone has the goal to have a comfortable home with family in addition to capacity requirements to have sufficient savings to face an uncertain future.

But it’s not an easy goal to achieve if only rely on salaried employment only. RF3 World provides an opportunity for you to achieve financial freedom and change lives.

  • Opportunities for all ages
    No matter who you are or your background, RF3 opportunity is for all ages.
  • A unique product
    RF3 provides a very unique product for you to earn income by starting step as a distributor.
  • Potential market
    The potential market is too broad because the company RF3 RF3 World is pioneering the production of hormone therapy in addition to the multi-purpose products that are unique. The opportunity to explore the market without restrictions through networking.
  • Long-term marketing plan
    RF3 business plan is to help members enjoy a long-term income. RF3 provide a plan that is fair, practical and easy to reach without any pressure.
  • Opportunities to improve themselves
    RF3 provide opportunities for you to enhance self-development by learning a variety of skills to build a business from the ground, communication skills, sales and marketing, organizational and leadership skills as well as skills training and guiding others to become entrepreneurs.

Vision & Mission


With the motto
Unlimited Success
we aim to make everyone excellence



Towards providing a platform to the entrepreneurs who are interested to venture into business online or offline to give good profit with minimal capital even though no business premises and equipment, as well as high management skills and can be done anytime and anywhere.


Gouged and maximize the potential of creating a society in which the majority of business competitiveness, progress and brilliant this can reduce poverty, creating a society that is a great, healthy and prosperous.


  • Nazeri Omar

    President RF3 World

    Born in Felda Bukit Puchong, Triang, Pahang has extensive experience in marketing and business management.

    In addition to ever become a millionaire in this multi-level direct sales business, He has also been involved in the import-export business, construction, financial services and trading.

    On his experience and expertise in the field of marketing, he was appointed Marketing Director of a direct sales company Bumiputera.

    Want to help your friends make her get ahead in business with partners moving direction by establishing Revorfirm and RF3 World Resources Sdn Bhd.

  • Mohd Nizam Abdul Manap

    Vice President (Operation)

    Background and expertise in the legal field make him one of paramount in RF3 World company operations.

    He was also entrusted with the responsibility of the Finance Division of  company in addition to the matters related legislation.

    Interestingly, he also has experience in the field of multi-level marketing is favorable to himself cooperate in managing the operations of the RF3 World with the other directors.

  • Shamsul Bahari

    Vice President (Marketing)

    Enforcement officers in a former Town Council also has extensive experience in the field of multi-level marketing.

    He has tasted success in multi-level marketing based business and has business network throughout Malaysia.

    The underlying business had previously changed his attitude and thoughts of ordinary workers in the government sector turned into an incredible human.

  • Dr Hasrizan Hassan

    Product Development Director

    His knowledge and extensive experience in alternative medicine helps him to undertake the task as people involved in research and product development.

    Knowledge and expertise that he had over the years has helped the company in terms of product development as well as conducting research for the improvement and development of future products.