Slimax3 is produced using a technology that is Monte Carlo NANO Technology based gel containing water 19 herbs of choice, thus giving the impression to the user fast. Very suitable for use for women who are new maternity or who have obesity problems and may help reduce the problem of cellulite. Potent Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Agent for Skin Improve Circulation In Body Improve Moisturization and Improve Healing Slimming Active from Monte Carlo Slimax3.


-配合Firmax3 一起涂抹,效果更佳。 -涂抹前,称量体重和测量腹部、腰部、手臂、大腿及臀部、而在涂抹期间的首15日内的效果与区别。 -每日涂抹2次连续14天。每天早上和晚上洗澡后在睡前皮肤湿润的情况下涂抹,以让皮肤容易吸收及效果加速显著。 -重复涂抹在隐藏的脂肪处,橙皮厚层或皮肤松弛的部位。 -防止涂抹着胸口处与脸部。 -涂抹后务必把手清洗干净。 -涂抹SliMax3后,建议做轻微的热身。

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