United Arab Emirates Marketing Plan of RF3 World

Below are the income of product direct selling out of each packages. Each item either Firmax3 Cream or O2Max3 Serum cost AED 300.00


Income of product direct selling from account re-purchase (Sample illustration of single re-purchase)


IB – Introducer Bonus (Direct Referral Bonus)
Income from every direct referral made on business. Sponsor a Emerald account gives an earning of AED 40, sponsor a Gold account gives an earning of AED 120, sponsor a Diamond account gives an earning of AED 280


RB – Royalty Bonus (Indirect Referral Bonus)
A one time income on each membership registered under your geneology. Each type of package has its maximum level of limitation for royalty bonusroyalty-bonus.png

TB – Team Bonus (Pairing Bonus)
A binary pairing based on points at Left and Right of account geneology. Emerald = 1 points, Gold = 3 points and Diamond account = 7 points.

UB – Unilevel Bonus (Indirect Repeat Purchase Bonus)
Income from every re-purchase of your account up to your geneology 10th level. With dynamic compression and multiple re-purchase counting featuresunilevel-1_1_orig.png

LB – Leadership Bonus (Additional Incentive)
Extra reward upon reaching certain level while doing the business


Always ask if the person Invited/redirected you to this page is member of our team for us to provide the right support & knowledge required to succeed in this opportunity

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